Saturday, May 10, 2008

Windows XP Service Pack 3 Update

Maybe some people still don't know that Mircosoft just released a couple of days ago the much awaited Windows XP Service pack 3. I updated my PC and so far its running smoothly after the update. Don't ask me why am still using XP instead of Vista, Co'z most users of Vista says, it sucks! when it comes to driver installation. Of course most people uses backward technology not unless you're a techie person.

Screen Shot of the update page.

I myself prefers XP, since it doesn't give me much headache, so if you're using XP too, consider this upgrade. You can download the update HERE, or just go to mircosoft update webpage (just be sure you have the legal version or else hehehe!). I just hope my pc would run smoothly as it was before in the near future.
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