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Mumps, or epidemic parotitis, is a viral disease that infects the salivary glands, gonads, occasionally, other parts of the body. It occurs most frequently on children ages 5-15 years old. It can occur only once, although other cases might include a second attack.

Symptoms of Mumps

Children suffer from swelling of the salivary glands. Adults fell ill for a couple of days before the swelling part begins. The early stage of swelling is often painful or uncomfortable.

After puberty, testicles on males may become swollen and painful. Women may experience similar condition in their ovaries. It could occasionally lead to sterility.

Causes of Mumps

Paramyxovirus attacks the salivary glands, particularly the parotid glands that are located on both side of the face below and in front of the ear. Incubation period is usually from 18-25 days.

Faulty diet are often pinpointed as the root cause of this condition.

Home Remedies for Mumps

Chebulic myroblan: 
Make a thick paste out of this herb by rubbing it in water. Apply on the swelling part.

Peepal leaves: 
Smear ghee on peepal leaves and warm over a low flame. Bandage over the inflamed part.

Indian aloe: 
Peel a piece of Indian aloe on one side. Warm over a low flame, and then sprinkle with little amount of turmeric (haldi) and Indian barberry (rasaut) extract. Bandage over the swelling part.

Ground equal parts of asparagus and fenugreek seeds to make a paste. Apply over the swelling part.

Make a paste out of dry ginger. Apply on the swollen part. Swelling will be reduced as the paste dried out. Pain will also subside.

Margosa leaves: 
Make a paste out of margosa leaves and turmeric. Apply externally over the affected parts.

Diets Suggestion for Mumps

Mix equal parts of orange juice diluted in warm water. Drink for a few days. If orange juice is not preferred, juices from fruits such as apple, grapes, lemon, pineapple; or vegetable such as carrot can be used as a substitute.

Follow with an exclusive fruit day for 1-2 days if the swelling has subsided and the patient can properly swallow food.

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and raw vegetables afterwards.

Further Suggestions for Mumps

Administer a warm water enema everyday during the juice diet.

Apply hot or cold fomentation for 10 minutes every 2 hours. This should be done by applying 2-3 hot fomentation followed by a cold one.

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