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Home Remedy for Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is characterized by abnormal elevated body temperature. This also accompanied with symptoms that pertains to physical and neurological aspects of an affected person. It is also called as Hyperthermia, can be fatal if not immediately treated or given medical attention

The result of body's metabolism generates heat and make sure that it is in balance state. When the body exudes much heat, the natural action to combat such condition is by form of heat radiation through skin or by producing sweat. If the body started to falter on its capacity to regulate heat, there comes heatstroke.

People that are most susceptible to heatstroke are elderly and infants

Symptoms of Heat Stroke

Symptom of heatstroke is somewhat to similar to heart attack, initially the affected person suffers from heat exhaustion.

Heatstroke symptoms includes:
  •    Vomiting
  •     Nausea
  •     Weakness
  •     Fatigue
  •     Muscle cramps
  •     Dizziness

Some individuals develop symptoms of heat exhaustion that leads to heatstroke rapidly without warning. Symptoms vary from person to person but the common symptoms are:
  •     coma
  •     seizure
  •     agitation
  •     confusion
  •     rapid pulse
  •     disorientation
  •     hallucinations
  •     strange behavior
  •     Absence of sweating
  •     difficulty of breathing
  •     High body temperature
  •     Hot red or flushed dry skin

Causes of Heat Stroke

Heatstroke occurs when the body becomes dehydrated and inability of cooling itself to maintain the natural body temperature. When body temperature rises above 40.5C, internal systems start to shut down.

Some of heatstroke causes are:

    Staying in poorly ventilated areas
    Rigorous physical activity under the sun
    High temperature and humidity
    Combination of alcohol intoxication and drug consumption such as ecstasy

Treatment of Heat Stroke

If someone you develops mild form of heat stroke:
  •     Give proper ventilation
  •     Lay the affected person into cool and shady place
  •     Remove clothing and wet skin with water or wrap with wet clothes
  •     Monitor the body temperature; continue cooling temperature until drops below 38°C.
  •     Don't give any alcoholic drinks

Ice pack:
Place ice packs in armpits and groin of an affected person

Drink plenty of water, if the affected person can tolerate it.

Home care is only applicable for mild forms of heat stroke. It is a medical emergency, so an ambulance should be called immediately.

Prevention of Heat Stroke

Frequent breaks to hydrate yourself if engaged in strenuous sports
Consume large amount of non-alcoholic fluids
Avoid alcohol beverages and drugs such ecstasy and speed
Avoid exposing yourself in direct sunlight
Wear hats, and light colored, and light and loose clothes.

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