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Home Remedy for Body Odor

Body odor is an unpleasant smell made by accumulated bacteria in the body. It may be cause by perspiration coming from the sweat glands and is present in several parts of the body.

Symptoms of Body Odor

Excessive perspiration after a strenuous physical exercise will cause body odors. Anxiousness or nervousness, which may cause the body to perspire, is a symptom of body odor.

Causes of Body Odor

Body odor may be due to serious illness such as kidney and liver disease, fungal infections and so on.

Strong medicines may leave a strong imprint to the nose. For instance, diabetic patients who are having insulin medications may smell of acetone.

Drinking alcohol, cigarette or cigar smoking will contribute to body odors.

Body odor may also be due to zinc deficiency, tooth cavities, toxins present in the saliva.

It is often related to perspiration, although the unpleasant odor is mainly due to bacteria present in the sweat. Common sources of perspiration are underarms and in the groin area.

Poor hygiene is the most prevalent cause for body odor.

Remedies for Body Odor

Use antibacterial soap or deodorant soap when bathing to avoid too much sweating.

Wear clothes made of cotton during summer to absorb sweat produce by the heat.

Gently wipe your armpits with apple cider or white vinegar, alcohol, or baking soda, to absorb sweat and kill the bacteria instead of using deodorants. Use alum instead of antiperspirants for they clog your sweat glands, thereby trapping the heat.

If the body odor is cause by your prescribed medicines, talk to the doctor about it.

Soak yourself for 15 minutes in bath water with couple of cups of tomato juice in it. Fill the tub with water and mix a few cups of tomato juice in it. Soak yourself for 15 minutes to get rid of body odor.

For light prevention of body odor, apply baby powder on areas that are prone to excessive perspiration.

Diet Suggestion for Body Odor

An individual's body odor is directly influenced by his/her diet. Avoid foods that are not rich in fiber, or foods that contains refined sugar, white flour, hydrogenated oils and other processed foods. Avoid red meat for it releases toxins into the blood stream. Stay away from alcoholic drinks or drinks containing any form of caffeine, cumin and also garlic.

Instead, have a healthy diet which contains whole grains, lots of fresh fruits and leafy vegetables, raw nuts, soy products, sprouts and others.
Suggestions for Body Odor

Don't wear unwashed clothes, especially undergarments during summer, for the heat will aggravate unpleasant odor.

Wax your armpits and wash your feet regularly.

Rest your feet from wearing shoes the whole day for it will trigger the rapid growth of bacteria causing body odor. Is possible, switch to sandals or any kind of open footwear to relief your feet from too much sweat.

Wear clean cotton socks, and never use unwashed socks.

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