Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Make your own Ovi Trap to fight Dengue Carrying Mosquitoes

Make your own Ovi Trap at Home

What do we need?

  • 1 piece of a 2 liter soda bottle
  • 1 piece of a black paper
  • Tape/or glue
  • Scissor/knife for cutting
  • 200 ml Hot Water
  • 50 grams brown sugar
  • Yeast

1. Cut the top of the bottle as shown (Don't throw the upper part of the bottle you need that later on)

2. Put 200 ml hot water in the bottle, add 50 grams brown sugar stir and let it cool down.

3. After the water cooled down, put the mixture of water and sugar in the bottle then add some yeast. ( yeast ferments and creates carbon dioxide that attracts mosquitoes)

 4. put the top part of the bottle upside down

5. Wrap black paper around the bottle

6. Place  the trap is at some dark corner

7. Done!

Important Reminder! : 

Check your Ovi Trap from time to time to monitor if it still working or the solution is still enough and attracts mosquitoes. If there's noticeable amount of dead mosquitoes, try to clean the trap by pouring hot water and disposing the content properly. Replace the solution if necessary.

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