Saturday, April 4, 2009

Home Remedy for Tartar and Plaque

Tartar and Plaque is caused primarily of bacteria that are always present in the mouth. The mucus and other particles from the food form a sticky plaque on teeth. Tartar is a hardened plaque that toothbrush can’t remove. Complete daily oral care of the teeth can prevent, slow or even stop plaque build-up that causes tartar.

Causes of Tartar and plaques can be attributed from various sources such as:

Antidepressants and some heart medicines that lessens the flow of saliva

Has higher risk for developing infections including periodontal disease

Cancer and AIDS including their treatments can affect the health of gums

Can cause not just tartar and plaque but other serious medical problems

Home Remedies/ Natural Treatment for Tartar and Plaque

Eating raw apple an hour after a meal helps cleans the teeth

Cheese is the best thing to eradicate bacteria in the mouth for a short period of time. it also stimulates the salivary glands to clean the mouth

Drinking strawberry juice is one of the best natural home remedy for tartar and plaque control.

Black tea
It has fluoride that suppresses bacterial growth that cause decay and dental plaque. Put a tea bag of black tea into a cup of hot water, stand for six minutes and drink. Tea can also be used as a rinse after brushing to prevent plaque buildup after eating sweets.

Has antibacterial properties, Brew a coriander tea and use as a mouth rinse after meals.

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