Friday, January 16, 2009

Home Remedy for Urticaria

Urticaria, or hives is a skin condition characterized by rings and patches all over the swelling skin. These swellings may appear and disappear in different sizes depending on the severity of the condition. Chemical called histamine is released when the body is in contact with an allergen and therefore is the cause of the red blotches on the skin. It can develop on an individual without causing an allergic reaction.


Symptoms of Urticaria

Small red rings or patches covered the swelling skin. An itchy welt that disappears and reappears within minutes or hours appears all over the body. There are also pink lesions that appear along with it.

There is also difficulty in breathing and swallowing, anxiousness, dizziness, occasional fainting spells, rapid pulse and irregular heartbeat.


Causes of Urticaria

Allergic reaction to prescribed medications, as well as eggs, nuts, berries, insect bites and animal fur or coat can promote the development of Urticaria in the body. Wearing tight clothes and allergic reaction to jewelry metals are also some of the conditions that provokes Urticaria .

Urticaria being passed through heredity is a very rare case and most of the time left unrecorded.

Exposure in an extremely hot or cold temperature may prompt this condition.

Constant contact with water or excessive perspiration may start to develop Urticaria.


Home Remedies / Natural Treatments for Urticaria

Cool compression: 
Apply cool compression on the affected area to get rid of the itchiness and pain.

Calamine lotion: 
Apply calamine lotion all over the body to get rid of itchiness.

Milk of magnesia: 
Dab some milk of magnesia on the lesions. It has an alkaline solution that removes the itchiness.

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