Friday, October 10, 2008

Home Remedy for Chaffing

Chaffing is a skin irritation caused by repeated rubbing. It is often found on armpits, nipples, inner thighs, and areas around the groin or any part of the body that are in close contact with each other. People who are overweight or working athletes and experienced chafing took it a sign of weight loss. Everyone can experience chafing so the best way treat it is by prevention itself.


There is a reddening around the affected area accompanied by stinging pain and burning sensation.


The friction produced when two body parts were rubbed against each other or against other objects causes chafing. Moisture caused by perspiration will make it worse.

Treatment / Natural Home Remedies

Cotton clothes:
Keep yourself dry by putting on proper clothes such as those made from 100% pure cotton to avoid too much perspiration that causes friction between body parts.

Drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself and allow natural perspiration.

Talcum powder:
Apply talcum powder on body parts that are prone to excessive perspiration. Wear clean and dry clothes.

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