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Home Remedy for Hyporthemia

Hypothermia is a type of condition, which an affected person’s temperature drops below the required normal body functions. Body temperature must be maintained at a constant level or near constant level. When an affected person is exposed to extreme cold, the internal body parts fail to replenish the lost heat needed by the body. This kind of condition can lead to serious injury or even death.

Hypothermia is the opposite of hyperthermia, which is the condition that causes heat stroke.

Symptoms of Hypothermia

Normal body temperature is 37°C. Any changes in the body temperature beyond it’s normal can cause disturbance.

Three stages of Hypothermia severity

Stage 1 - Body temperature drops by 1-2°C below normal temperature (35-36°C)

  • Mild to strong shivering
  • Numbness of hands
  • Constriction of blood vessels in the outer extremities
  • Shallow and quick breathing
  • Goose bumps or rising of body hair

Stage 2 - There is a test to see if the person is entering stage 2 is if they are unable to touch their thumb with their little finger. This is the sign of not working muscle.

  • Body temperature drops by 2-4°C
  • Violent shivering
  • Muscle miscoordination
  • Slow Movement
  • Mild Confusion
  • Pale skin
  • Lips, ears, fingers and toes turns into blue.

Stage 3 - Body temperature drops below approximately 32 °C (89.6 °F)

  • Shivering stops
  • Difficulty in speaking
  • Delayed or sluggish thinking and amnesia starts
  • Immobility
  • Cellular metabolic processes shut down
  • Exposed skin becomes blue and puffy
  • Very Poor muscle
  • Irrational behavior
  • Stupor
  • Decrease of pulse and respiration rates
  • Fast heart rate

Home Remedies / Treatments of Hypothermia

  • Drying - changing of clothes into a warm clothing
  • Sheltering - evacuation of affected person in a dry and warm place
  • Gradual warming - heat from fireplace or any objects that can conduct heat
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