Monday, June 2, 2008

Read, Scroll Down and the Dreaded Buy Now Link

Any blogger wish to gather free traffic. But, you can't just attain such goal without doing any manual work (unless you can and willing to pay for other people to do the dirty job). In my quest to read numerous ideas about SEO and Web Optimizing etc. etc. that promises to give you free traffic you'll end up reading their information overload that only scrapes on the surface. When you reached the optimum desire to dig up the information then you will be redirected into another site with almost 10 or more scrolls to reach the bottom of the page with the word "BUY NOW!!" oh yes! and there's a catch, if you don't purchase it now you'll be sorry for it may cost more after an hour.

That is what they call information selling, suppressing somebody to obtain free material, and some people made a fortune by doing such deceptive selling (opps sorry guys, it's my opinion).

Ok, by just simply desiring to obtain few free traffic why not just use the free softwares? and the people who made it doesn't ask you to buy their program, unless you want a personalized attention and mentoring without paying $10k unlike other "gurus" asking price.

Try Comment Kahuna, it's useful and am using it for two months now. And Jason Potash always true to his promise that its free. And i am not providing any link here, you can obtain the program by asking Google.

This is not pay per post article, just a simple post to show my appreciation on the said program that helped me a lot.

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