Monday, June 2, 2008

On Entrecard Stat, and the Simple Contest

My big thanks for those individuals who dropped their cards in my drop inbox.

Here's the screenshot:

Since I joined entrecard, my blog traffic increased dramatically and I am thankful for it. I noticed that for some reason there are people who are devising an easy way to drop the entrecard into members site by way of bookmarking and making a site dedicated only for dropping cards . Me myself don't conform to that belief (though i go to their sites to drop my ecard) because, I feel like its unfair and that won't give you an opportunity to discover more interesting sites and blogs.

I am supporting the entredropping thru "inbox only" for it is the best way to reciprocate your fellow bloggers' courtesy in visiting your blog/site. For the bookmarking and dedicated site this only gives opportunity to those who are in luck to be included in the "list".

This is not just browsing blogs and site for credits but, browse to learn and discover new things you can't just get by clicking their cards.

Do we need to gather another blogger faction to promote the "inbox only" entredropping? I don't think so, we have our own choice and of course, we knows what right for us..(*wink *wink)

Just my cent worth tho and thanks for reading.

And oh, I got a very simple entrecard contest included here in this topic :) ...And if you can't find it just drop me a note.

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