Sunday, May 4, 2008

Madonna Decena: An added feather to the cap

Talk about Filipinos that carved niches in their own chosen field. I admit I am being skeptical about those things since I know Filipinos really strive hard to earn money by working abroad to support their family in the Philippines. Since last week of April, I've seen on TV that they are featuring some footages of a Filipina singing infront of the judges and audiences in a TV program in UK called "Britain Got Talent" if am not mistaken.

I don't pay much attention to it until came May 3 and still, the said Singing Filipina featured in one local TV program, this time am intrigued... So, since I am doing my rounds in my blog sites everyday, I decided to peek the youtube site and look for that specific video. when I opened youtube, to my surprised the video that i want to see was in the "videos being watched right now" so I clicked it. and found out that the video I clicked already received 18,000+ clicks and her other video received 115,000 clicks!

So I go on watching the video and the very first segment...I admit, I was touched that this Madonna Decena joined the show so she can earn more money to be able to support her kids and be with her in the UK... the rest is just blabber for me and I go out to smoke a bit listening to her version of "i will always love you".. and I can say yes it's remarkable...

After the consuming the cigarette stick i get back to my PC and closed the youtube site. And I started writing this article about that person...

It's just that, I am proud of being a Filipino...and I am proud of that person.


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