Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Home Remedy for Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a chronic illness wherein the person involved has difficulty in abstaining their selves from excessive alcohol consumption despite the negative health concerns it is associated with.

Alcoholics are easily irritated and suspicious individuals. They have red and inflamed eyes, rough voice and rapid pulse.

They also experiences vomiting and have trouble sleeping.

Excessive alcohol consumption further complicates to liver (cirrhosis) and intestine disorders, Brain cells are consequently damaged, and It also weakens the heart organ.

Causes of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is acquired by taking occasional sips of alcoholic drinks until it becomes a habit where a person becomes fairly addicted to it and cannot miss a day without alcohol consumption. Influences includes social pressure during social parties or gatherings, while for others, being intoxicated with alcohol enables them to handle stress.

Alcoholism Treatment

Using Grapes:
Most notable home remedy for alcoholism is a strict diet made of grapes for a month or more. It is an ideal yet healthy substitute for alcohol since grapes are the raw material for most alcoholic drinks. It should then be taken as a form of dessert three times a day at five-hour intervals.

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