Monday, April 7, 2008

Home Remedy for Otalgia

Otalgia also known as ear pain or earache depends on where the pain originated. Causes may either due to traumas and/or ear infection

Three sections of human ears:

* Outer
* Middle
* Inner ear

Two types of ear infections

* Otitis media - inflammation of the middle ear that is common on children
* Otitis externa - infection of the outer ear and is common during winter season


Symptoms for otitis media include catching fever or a minor illness, dizziness, fluid or pus discharge, hearing problems, itchiness, painful sensation and vomiting.

For otitis externa, there is itchiness in the infected ear, inflammation accompanied by fluid discharges, severe pain even by the slightest movement of the jaw or ear lobes, slight fever, and temporary decline in hearing.


Otitis media is primarily caused by a blockage of the eustachian tubes, an air passageway that is found in the middle of your middle ear and throat. It can be due to cold, allergies or other respiratory problems. This blockage allows entry to bacteria to build up in the middle ear and cause infection. Ear drums may swell if infected by a virus. Although infant and children are the main targets, it can also affect adults.

Otitis externa is the inflammation of the outer ear and the ear canal. It can be caused by none, or both bacterial and fungal infections. It is often called the “swimmer’s ear” primarily because the condition is most prevalent to swimmers and those who have prolonged exposure to water. Swimming in contaminated water will trigger this condition as there are chances bacteria can infect the skin, especially if there are ear impairments.

Nutritional deficiency, allergy and other infections are also some factors that may cause ear infections.

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