Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tips in Avoiding Various Type of Cancer

Just want to share I stumbled on this list from the internet

Healthy Tips to Avoid Various types of Cancer

  • Consume fresh, organic produce
  • Eliminate plastic storage containers
  • Steam vegetables maintain their nutritional value
  • Eat wide from many sources for a balanced diet. Include nuts, herbs, lentils
  • Find ways to to have a regular detoxification
  • Think about and act on your health in a preventative way
  • Test your bodies PH rating.
  • Throw your microwave away
  • Don't use any harmful chemicals
  • Make sure that your air and water supplies are as pure as possible
  • Find out more about your immune system and how to support it
  • Avoid known stress causing agents such as alcohol, tobacco, coffee, as much as possible
  • Avoid sources of harmful radiation
  • Avoid using deodorants and sun screens containing parabens
  • Avoid factory farmed products such as milk, eggs, fish or cheese.
  • Avoid genetically modified food (GMO)
  • Chew your food properly
  • Adapt a lifestyle that is in tune with what is around you
  • Get out into the countryside regularly
  • Carry out your own 'genetic counselling'. Write down the ailments suffered by your ancestors
  • Think about your health at physical, intellectual, emotional and energetic levels
  • Look out for ways to experience 'healing moments' in your everyday existence
  • Inform yourself about your medical condition and explore alternatives if you are prescribed medical drugs
  • Practice creative visualization and other methods of positive thinking
  • Find constructive outlets for negative energy
  • Do things that give your life personal meaning for you
  • Get a hair analysis done to see if you are missing any minerals in your diet
  • Read the labels on food. Avoid trans fats (Hydrogenated Vegetable oils)
  • Do things that make you laugh

And here's another one tip.

  • Five serving of organic produce every day
  • Avoiding more pickled, salty and smoked foods
  • Avoiding more saturated and trans fat
  • Taking good dose of Vitamin D
  • Avoiding high temperatures cooked meats
  • Exercise everyday

These days, a lot of people are more conscious in their respective health status, which is right for us not to contact any disease. However, the lifestyle that were in can tell how we manage ourselves to make our life healthy.

Always remember, healthy people constitutes a good and thriving community.

Always practice healthy lifestyle..
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