Friday, February 1, 2008

Microsoft Office 2007 for Dummies

*lifted from Ypians

(IMPORTANT NOTE: this e-book article is just for information purposes, if you like the e-book you can purchase from the publishers)

Book Description

Find and use the features you need right away

Create great documents, Excel charts, and slide shows, and organize your e-mail

What's new at the Office? A lot, and this book takes you through all the cool changes and enhancements so you can rev up and go. Find your way around the new interface, dress up your documents, create spreadsheets that actually make sense, give presentations that wow your audience, and organize your life.

Discover how to

* Locate commands on the Ribbon
* Use Live Preview
* Stop spam with Outlook®
* Format and enhance Word documents
* Work with Excel® formulas
* Store and find data in Access
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