Tuesday, February 12, 2008


A term used that refers to a wide variety of corneal irritations, infections and inflammations. The cornea is the transparent membrane that covers the colored part and pupil of the eyes. Corneal ulcers are commonly caused by bacterial or fungal invasions following superficial corneal abrasions; among the common infectious agents.

Kinds of Keratisis :

· Bacterial keratitis
· Fungal keratitis
· Peripheral ulcerative keratitis
· Superficial punctate keratitis
· Acanthamoeba keratitis
· Photokeratitis
· Interstitial keratitis


Keratitis has many types and occurs in both children and adults. Certain conditions can allow an infection to occur. For example, a scratch can leave the cornea open to infection. Dry eye can also decrease the cornea’s protective mechanisms.

Other causes of Keratitis:

· bacterial, viral, or fungal infections
· exposure to bright lights
· foreign objects that injured the eye
· sensitivity or allergic reactions to eye make-ups
· dry eyes resulting from disorders of the eyelid.
· vitamin A deficiency

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