Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why Aispinay?

Wuhoo!!! I got a Blog now!

My picture taken 3 years ago

With my revelation on tv (RXMEN Oct. 7 AIS Segment- QTV Channel 11) as a person with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS) in the Philippines. I decided to open up a blog site that pertains to my being. Internet is one of the powerful communication medium nowadays and I want my piece of it. Although I am using internet since 1998 it's just today that I decided to sign up for a blog site.

Some of my reason's in creating blog is to post any related topic to my genetic disorder that occured when am still in my mother's womb. But, i am thinking that if it is only confined to the said topic, i might post only once per month, so maybe the best thing to post is all the things that draws my interests.

The post may varies from, from my daily activities, helpful tips about anything that interest me that can be shared to anyone as long as they are interested in the said topic., some of my writing that includes, poems, short stories, e-books, online researches, useful links, news etc.

for those anyone who stumbled to my blog, please browse for anything that interest you.

Happy Reading!!!
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