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Home Remedy for German Measles

German Measles also known as Rubella, is a highly contagious disease caused by a paramyxovirus. It is commonly observed during childhood that nearly all children worldwide are at risk of getting infected by it.

Symptoms of German Measles

7-14 days after exposure to the virus, the symptoms appear in the form of:

  • cold
  • fever
  • watery eyes
  • dry cough

Four days later, skin rashes that is consisted of small rounded spots with reddish skin in the middle initially appears on the sides of the face and neck. It gradually spread all over the body. The spots grew darker as it lasts longer.

Usually, it is accompanied by fever and diarrhea. High fever and delirious state are apparent during severe conditions. Complications include bronchitis, abscesses in the ears and pneumonia. Rare complications affect the brain.

Causes of German Measles

Measles is a very contagious disease that is caused by a virus that is transmitted through aerosol means such as sneezing or coughing. Unhealthy dietary habits and living in unsanitary environment also contributes to its causes.

Treatment / Home Remedies for German Measles

Drinking plenty of orange juice is a good home remedy for German measles for it helps to overcome intense toxaemia and intense hunger and thirst.

Dilute 15-25 ml of lemon juice in water is one of the best remedies for German Measles. Drink to quench thirst.

Dry raw turmeric roots under the sun and ground it into fine powder which can be an effective home remedy for German Measles. Mix ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder, a few drops of honey and bitter gourd leaf juice.

Taking ½ teaspoon of licorice powder mixed with equal parts honey is a very good home remedy to relieve cough due to German Measles.

Mixing barley water with fresh sweet almond oil is one of the noted home remedy for German measles. Drink it frequently to ease cough.

Egg plant:
Another great Home remedy for German measles is Eggplant. Take ½-1 gm of egg plant seeds everyday for 3 days. Egg plant seeds are stimulant and they are effective in preventing measles contraction for 1 year.

Diets Suggestions for German Measles
Drink fresh orange and lemon juices frequently to bring back loss appetite.

Undergo an exclusive fruit diet for a few days as the condition improves. Follow with a healthy and well-balanced diet afterwards.

Further Suggestions for German Measles

Let the infected person take a complete bed rest.

Stay inside a well-ventilated room. This room should have subdued lighting that is enough to shade the eyes from too much sunlight as light has harmful effect on the eyes due to its weakened external eye tissues.

Administer a warm water enema every morning along with mudpack application on the abdomen in the morning and in the evening. Apply chest pack repeatedly as well. This successive treatment will help bring down temperature from fever while eliminating toxins from the body. Take lukewarm baths everyday to relieve itchiness. Extracts from neem leaves can be added to the water.

Stay away from infected person to avoid contracting the same disease.

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