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Home Remedy for Age Spots

Red oinion one of the various natural remedy for age spotsAge spots are common among middle aged and beyond of Caucasian descent. However, these spots are not just because of skin color or they just want to appear. Most of the age spots are caused by sun exposure. When melanocytes which contains melanin increased its number due to ultraviolet rays from the sun, age spots begins to appear.

Cause of Age Spots

Longer than usual exposure to the sun, or exposure during the time of the day which the sun is on its heightened heat.

Home Remedies / Treatment for Age Spots

Sour cream: Apply sour cream on the affected area. Half-rinse it, then gently wipe off the remaining residue with a soft facial tissue. Follow with moisturizer afterwards.

Lemon juice: Apply lemon juice in the dark spots using the tip of your fingers.

Fruit and vegetable masks: Facial masks made from apricots, cucumbers, red currant and strawberries will help lighten Age Spots.

Sour milk: Wash face using sour milk on a regular basis. The lactic aid present in sour milk will peel the skin gently without irritation or dryness.

Honey: Mix warm honey with little amount of wheat germ. Apply on the face and gently pat it off. Wash with warm water and rinse with cool water.

Horseradish: Horseradish juice or vinegar can also lighten Age Spots. Oatmeal is good substitute for horseradish.

Parsley: Mix parsley juice, and equal parts of lemon, orange and red currant juice. Apply on the face followed by your favorite facial cream. It’s an effective concealer on your face.

Castor oil: Applying odorless castor oil or vitamin E every night before bedtime is also effective as home remedy for Age Spots.

Lemon: Make a juice from one lemon fruit and add some sugar to it. Apply on the Age Spots using a brush.

Yellow mustard: Mix grounded yellow mustard with milk. Apply on the face in the evening and rinse it in the morning.

Onions: Rub sliced red onions on the Age Spots and age spots twice daily until all spots have faded.
Buttermilk: Buttermilk can also lighten Age Spots.

Turmeric: Grin equal parts of turmeric and sesame seeds. Mix both in water and apply it on the face.

Watermelon: Store some rice grains inside a watermelon for a week. Grind the flavored grains into a paste and apply it on the face to get rid of Age Spots.

Currants: Mix ¼ cup of mashed unripe currants with 1 tablespoon of unpasteurized honey. Apply on the face and leave it for 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Dab with fresh lemon juice diluted in water.

OTC lightening creams – always consider the cream with hydroquinone content. However, if age spots are much darker, ask for dermatologist advice.

AHA – the mild natural acid from sugarcane, fruit and milk. This serves as exfoliating agent and exposing the new skin replacing the skin that has age spots.

Diets Suggestions for Age Spots

Increase intake of fresh vegetables and whole grains rich in vitamins A, B complex and C.

Cabbage, eggs, milk, nutritional yeast and wheat germ all contains vitamin B5 that prevents dryness of the skin.

Apples, citrus fruits, black and red currant, green onions and rosehip tea are rich in vitamin C that makes the skin less prone to sun damage.

Other Suggestions for Age Spots

Wear broad-rimmed hat when the occasion permits to help shade your face from the heat of the sun

Age spots can be minimized by camouflaging especially for women by using concealers. Just choose your right shade

Use sunblock cream or sunscreen lotion everytime you expose yourself to the heat of the sun especially during summer. Choose the non chemical sunscreen which contains titanium oxide

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