Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Home Remedy for Dysphagia

A Dysphagia occurs when the trachea is swollen, blocked or constricted due to choking on your food when having a meal. During this instance, the patient is unable to breath and experiences a painful sensation at the base of their throat. Home remedies can be applied until medical assistance is deemed necessary.

Symptoms of Dysphagia

When an individual’s throat is blocked, the patient has difficulty in swallowing food particles, which turns to gagging and inability to speak clearly. Their faces turn on a bluish or purple color due to lack of oxygen. They feel pain in the chest, neck or abdomen. They will later feel the need to vomit, and have sudden dislike of solid foods. 

Other symptoms are increased drooling and high-pitched breathing. 

Causes of Dysphagia 

Key causes of Dysphagia are due to eating too fast, swallowing food immediately without chewing them properly, food consumption despite intake of alcohol, and eating unconsciously.

Home Remedies / Natural Treatment for Dysphagia
Swallow an uncooked egg yolk and egg white. It can help remove Dysphagias. 

Drink plenty of liquids or water, or swallow whole bread. Wait for 30-60 minutes to remove Dysphagias.

Swallow a lump of boiled rice if the patient has fish bone trapped in their throat. The fish bone will sticky to the boiled rice and add more weight to the bone, pushing it downwards the throat to the stomach to be digested. Swallow a bread if rice is not available. 

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