Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Home Remedy for Ringing Ears

When a person hears a wide range of ringing or buzzing sound inside one or both of the ears that continue for hours or it may come and go it is called Ringing Ears or Tinnitus.


Objective tinnitus – the person and people around can hear the ringing inside the ears
Subjective tinnitus - a common case, only the patient himself can hear the noise.

In severe case of tinnitus, the patient will have difficulty in sleeping and concentrating.

Symptoms of Ringing Ears

The most common symptom of the tinnitus is the occurrence of a buzzing, hissing or ringing sound inside the ear. Sometimes, it goes along with the patient’s heartbeat. Individuals suffering from Meniere disease can also experience dizziness and hearing loss.

Causes of Ringing Ears

More frequent cases of tinnitus is the result of damaged microscopic endings to the nerve of the inner ear. Those that have prolonged exposure to loud noises are at risk of getting tinnitus. All four sections of the ear can be equally infected.

Subjective tinnitus may be caused due to some wax in the ear canal. Objective tinnitus may be caused due to some circulatory problem or some tumor in blood vessel. It may also be caused due to structural defects in the inner ear. Tinnitus may be a symptom of otosclerosis.

Other conditions that can cause tinnitus are allergic reaction, aging, diabetes, head and neck injury, high or low blood pressure, and taking certain medications such as aspirin, antidepressants, and sedatives.

Home Remedies / Treatment for Ringing Ears

Tinnitus is treated depending on their types or their causes. If the infection is caused by overexposure to loud noise, wear a mask or earplugs. If it is caused by taking certain medications, alleviate the underlying condition first before proceeding to heal the ear infection.

Avoid stress by taking breath exercises such as deep breathing.

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