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Home Remedy for Atlethes Foot

Athlete’s Foot (or Tines pedis) is caused by a fungus called dermatophytes, a fungal infection on the foot which lives on the skin’s dead cells. It is a contagious skin infection that occurs mainly between the toe fingers.

Symptoms of Athletes Foot

The most common symptom of athlete’s foot is the itching between the toe fingers. Sometimes white lesions and moist appears between the toe fingers. The patient may experience a burning sensation in their toes, and may suffer from blisters and inflammation of the skin. Redness and traces of scales are visible and this may also create a pungent smell from the toe.

Causes of Athletes Foot

Tines pedis fungus thrives most on places with high humidity conditions. They are mostly found on feet because of the enclose space between the footwear and the feet, and unsanitary public places like swimming pool, showers, and bathrooms provides a suitable environment for the fungus to grow. Sharing socks or shoes with an infected person will allow the transfer disease. Infection may also occur through pet interaction for there are instances that they carry the fungus on their fur.

Treatment / Home Remedies for Athletes Foot

White Vinegar:
Make a solution made of one part of white vinegar to four parts of water is as effective as a commercially available anti-fungal powder. Soak your feet to it for 20 to 30 minutes twice day, and then sprinkle a proper amount of baking soda in your feet, focusing mainly between your toe fingers to target those hidden areas susceptible to the disease. Rinse your feet after fifteen minutes.

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