Thursday, April 24, 2008

Seven Simple Steps to Loose Weight

There is no fastest way to loose weight just by sitting all day and eating all the edible stuff that comes along your way, The best way is to act on it and give a proper time and dedication to achieve the best result. Here are some simple hints to loose weight in accelerated manner.

1. Drink water

Were not saying that you drink till you get bloated, it’s just that you need to drink water at the required level of 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Don’t resort for juices saying that it is also fluid but were talking about just plain water. An added bonus is that you can consume about 62 calories by just drinking an ice cold water.

2. Eat at least 5 times a day

Don’t skip breakfast its crucial. Skipping meals would end you up eating all the available food that comes along your way throughout the day! Eat small portions throughout the day in 5 broken meals.

3. Exercise, exercise and exercise

Exercise is very much needed when desiring to loose weight. You can exercise everywhere even in workplace by just following simple easy exercises regimen. In this manner you metabolism can increase and your adipose tissues will start to burn and muscles will build up.

4. Small plates means less eat

If you use small plates in preparing food that means lesser amount of food in it. When you eat a solid one order of burger nowadays, tendency is that you get bloated since the burger sizes can almost feed an entire family of three. Just eat at most half of it and set aside the other half for the next meal.

5. Read the labels

Food and drink pin the market are packed in the nicest way they can. They even bears the word “fat free” but still they are truly packed with tremendous calories. Analyze thoroughly the nutrition facts contained in every food labels. This can help to maintain your daily consumption into advisable level.

6. Have a food journal

Jot down all the food that you eat. In this manner you can keep track of your entire calorie intake. This is also a reminder when you consumed more you have to be careful next time.

7. Just get easy on yourself

Don’t treat dieting as a way of depriving yourself. Find the best diet plan that suits you and its corresponding food requirements that is fulfilling for you.

If you feel like you’re beginning to dislike your food eating habit due to dieting, tendency is that you won’t succeed, always choose the best meal plan.

The next step is commitment to your weight loss plan and stay in being lean and healthy!

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