Thursday, April 17, 2008

Home Remedy for Atherosclerosis

Building of plaques inside the human arteries is called Atherosclerosis. The arteries are a blood vessel that carries oxygen-rich blood to the heart and all parts of the body.

The plaque that builds up in the arteries are made up of fat, cholesterol, calcium, and other substances found in the blood. Sometimes, plaque hardens and narrows the arteries this results to poor or reduced oxygen flow in the entire body. If not addressed accordingly, it can lead to serious problems like heart attack, stroke, or death.

Causes of Atherosclerosis

There is no known cause of Atherosclerosis. Some studies show that atherosclerosis is a kind of complex and slow disease that sometimes may starts during childhood years. The development speeds up during age accumulation.

Other causes of Atherosclerosis

* Smoking
* High blood pressure
* Presence of certain fats and cholesterol in the blood
* Presence of sugar in the blood due to insulin resistance or diabetes
* Platelets that clumped together to form blood clots where there’s an artery crack

Symptoms of Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis never shows signs and symptoms, not unless the arteries are it severely narrowed or blocked. For some people, they don’t know they have Atherosclerosis until they are admitted to the hospital due to heart attack or stroke.

Some people may have other signs and symptoms of the disease. These depend on which arteries are severely narrowed or blocked.

When plaque narrowed or blocked the arteries it is called Coronary Arterial Disease (CAD), which has a common symptom of angina.

Other symptoms of CAD are shortness of breath and irregular heartbeats (arrhythmia).

Other symptoms of Atherosclerosis

* Numbness
* Weakness
* Dizziness

Treatment / Home Remedies for Atherosclerosis

Primary goal of treatment for Atherosclerosis

* Lifestyle Changes
* Reduce risk factors
* To relieve symptoms
* Widen or bypass clogged arteries
* Prevent diseases related to Atherosclerosis

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