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Home Remedy for Ichthyosis

Ichthyosis is a fish like scales condition of the skin due to its dryness. Usually starts in childhood brought about my genetic defect that can be inherited from parents.

This type of condition is not contagious. However, often bring severe cosmetic problem for an affected person. Due to abnormal balance of skin renewal and shedding off, the skin surface resembles like the fish scales. Thus, the function of the skin compromises as protector from harmful rays from the sun and as shield for infection, dehydration and body temperature regulation.

Most people affected with such condition have ichthyosis vulgaris, which is the mildest form of the disease.


Ichthyoids acquisita - acquired
Congenital ichthyosis – inherited from parents

Types of Congenital ichthyosis include:

  • Ichthyosis vulgaris
  • X-linked ichthyosis
  • Ichthyosis lamellaris
  • Netherton’s syndrome
  • Harlequin type ichthyosis
  • Sj√∂gren-Larsson syndrome
  • Epidermolytic hyperkeratosis


  • Hereditary or inherited from parents
  • Exposure to cold and dry weather
  • Acquired due to bacterial or fungus infections


The skin shows different pattern of flaking as a reaction that depends on the type of genetic abnormality that causes such type of illness.

Some of the symptoms are as follows:

  • Mild itching of the skin
  • Severe dryness of the skin with flaking
  • Wax buildup in the ears, causing hearing difficulties
  • Body odor, since the spaces under and between skin flakes can trigger the proliferation of bacteria or fungus

Individuals with ichthyosis vulgaris also contracts allergic reaction like asthma, eczema, and nasal congestion. Symptoms usually get worse during winter months and/or dry climates. Warm weather and humidity can lessen the condition of having fish like skin of an affected person.

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