Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mobile Phone Loco!

Talk about the most expensive phone i got this picture on the internet by searching

The Goldvish “Le million” is officially the most expensive mobile phone in the world, according the Guiness Books of Records.

Have you heard Vertu? it is one of the most expensive mobile phone manufacturer in the world, it is a division of Nokia who happened to dominate the mobile phone market worldwide. But Vertu phones are only available to those filthy rich and famous people around the globe.

Filipinos are fond of gadgets that why, it is now dubbed as "texting" (SMS) capital of the world! Almost half of the country's population owns a mobile phone ranging from the cheapest up to the expensive brands of mobile phones.

Surely anyone who's using Mobile phone nowadays can't live without it, because of the convenience that it brings. Imagine before, we ought to send snail mail that can reach it's destination in a minimum of two days just to say hello. Now, the SMS messaging surpassed that style of communication!. Not to mention email... since you need a computer in doing so, unlike SMS you can compose and send at the convenience of your fingertips once sent, just wait for a few seconds (or minutes) then your message can have an answer.

As the days pass by, a new line of phone emerges in the market, offering more convenience and ease of use.

As of now, I am happy with my Moto L6, in the near future I'll acquire a much higher technology capable phone.
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